Dance Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy for Dancers
Dancers have a wide variety of demands on their bodies depending on the type of dance, frequency and intensity of their workouts.  No matter what your level of dance or age, our team of physical therapists can help.  We have an exceptional group of physical therapists who understand how the body moves and can find your areas of weakness or inflexibility and help provide a targeted, yet comprehensive physical therapy plan to help you achieve your goals.

“My knees feel so much better now that I am using my hips and gluteals!”


"My wife's back pain was so bad before BreakThrough. Thank you for helping us through her pregnancy. We couldn't have done it without you!"

"Your physical therapy reports are always so timely and accurate yet concise with the information I need to effectively direct patient care. Thank you."

"I cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful experience from day one. I am back to enjoying life and travel with my husband and children again."


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