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Work ergonomics


Workplace injuries are on the rise: ergonomic injuries alone account for 33% of working injuries (according to OSHA). Proper workstation setup improves quality of life for both employee and employer.

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The human body wasn't meant to sit and stand at a desk all day. Supplement your state of the art office furniture with education and training for optimal benefit. In some cases, new furniture may not be needed at all, just education.

"I used to have dizziness, headaches and difficulty turning my head throughout the day. Thanks to BreakThrough's plan, I learned how to correct my posture and now I'm able to turn my neck and body and I can do all my work duties pain free! "

Prina P.

The Ergonomic Evolution Plan

Our unique approach for ergonomic success:

  • Workstation evaluation to improve postural dynamics
  • Educational interactive workshop
  • Comprehensive consultation including active exercises
  • Individualized office designs to enhance working efficiency

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