Recognition & Awards

All of us at BreakThrough continually strive to uphold the highest in ethics and professionalism at all cost.  We believe that “the high road” is the only road for us.  Mediocrity is simply not accepted from our team members.  Physical Therapy requires teamwork, open communication and a true partnership for optimal results to occur with the least amount of monies and time invested.  As such, we demand the same level of effort from our patients who trust us to help them achieve their goals as well as the doctors, physicians and allied health professionals we work with on a daily basis. Check our Recognition & Awards below.

In today’s challenging healthcare environment our patients need and want more from us and we strive to provide an exceptional quality of care, delivering results in a warm, family oriented atmosphere.  BreakThrough develops and enforces policies/procedures based on our experiences.  While we know there will be individual, isolated issues and questions in regards to various policies, we always aim to ensure these policies help us ensure the betterment of our community as a whole.

All of us are committed to listening to open, constructive communications and trying to work through any valid opinions and suggestions one on one.  We are always evolving as a result of our experiences and communications.  Thank you very much for your continued input so we can continually grow and improve with you!

If you have any input, please feel free to contact us directly at (408) 736-7600 and/or you are encouraged to complete our contact us form.

As a result of this level of effort and passion for helping change people’s lives for the better, we’ve been fortunate to receive various awards for our efforts.

Leadership Excellence Award, 2012 – Measurable Solutions

California Excellence in Healthcare Award, 2014 – USIEC

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