Is it safe for a chiropractor to crack your neck?

Is it safe for a chiropractor to crack your neck?

Let’s begin by understanding what ‘cracking’ your neck means!!! The crack or the pop in your neck is called ‘cavitation’ and they are applied by a high velocity short amplitude thrust to your vertebrae. The goal is to manipulate your spine for proper alignment. However these have to be performed by a licensed, experienced chiropractor or physical therapist. These are guided, controlled maneuvers which need to be performed at the right time and for the right reasons. They do come with their own risks. If you get your neck ‘cracked’ persistently without the neuromuscular education to those tissues surrounding your vertebrae, you are going to need ‘cracks’ more often and reach a point when ‘cracks’ may not help at all because you now have developed massive instability in the area and the muscles can no longer do what the muscles and ligaments did together!! So short answer to your question- Yes, safe when performed in moderation by a highly skilled licensed professional and followed by massive muscle training! Hope it helps you to make an educated decision. Good luck!!


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