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Are you sick of your doctor telling you that you are “not as young as you used to be”?

Are you tired of googling or Youtubing for tips and wasting time in hold with your doctors?

Are you tired of taking OTC Meds every day?

Keep reading. OUR SECRET is further down on this page.

Carly Day MD, a sports specialist from The Cleveland Clinic says, “That achy pain, mild swelling and stiffness in your knee after not being active? That’s osteoarthritis. And it’s common, especially as we age.

So it might also be a familiar routine to reach for that bottle of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen (Motrin®, Advil®) or naproxen (Aleve®), to try to control your symptoms.

While you can take pain-relieving drugs for knee osteoarthritis, they should be used cautiously and only as one part of a more comprehensive approach. Each person is unique, so we have to formulate an individualized treatment plan.”

“BreakThrough has cracked the code!” A.T.

If you were to fix this house, you wouldn’t push it from the top, would you? No, you’d have to address the foundation. That’s what we do here at BreakThrough with you. It’s simple to us. We do it every day with thousands of people around the world. It is a lot of fun helping others get back to the activities they enjoy with those they love the most.

Why is it important to learn about Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the leading cause of disability in the US, affecting 1 in 5 adults and over 1/3 of adults above the age of 60. In particular, knee OA has a higher prevalence rate compared to other forms.

Here are some shocking stats:

Estimated Healthcare costs related to OA in the US:

  • Costs an estimated $188 billion per year ($108b in lost wages and $80b in medical care)
  • Annual average direct per-patient cost ranged from $1,442 to $21,335

Why early intervention is important:

  • Osteoarthritis can get progressively worse over time – joint stiffness can cause everyday tasks such as walking and bending over extremely painful.
  • Pain from OA fluctuates significantly and becomes less predictable and more distressing in later stages.
  • There is a connection between OA and slightly increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, in large part due to decreased physical activity from pain.

All of this can be avoided with early intervention. Our team of highly dedicated, licensed physical therapists have been helping individuals overcome osteoarthritis since 2004. It is our passion to help you return to an active and pain-free lifestyle. Please submit the form below for more information as well as 50% off of a consulting session where you will learn about your individual case and your best plan of care.

What you get for signing up:

1) Email series with all of the information you need regarding risk factors, symptoms, treatment, and management of knee OA
a) Introduction to the various stages and well as common symptoms at each
b) Risk factors as well as strategies to slow progression
c) Do’s and don’ts
d) Proper exercises based your goals

2) Full guide with detailed pictures and descriptions 25 exercises ranging from basic range-of-motion, to stretching and strengthening
3) Discounted (50% off) virtual consultation
a) Thorough evaluation of your situation
b) Receive treatment/management techniques tailored to your goals and needs
c) Provide you with full plan of care based on your specific needs
d) Return to an active and pain free lifestyle
4) SPECIAL insider invites to events, discounted offers, private groups and much more!

“BreakThrough really cares. I felt a different level of care and concern from my very first call with their Care Team and it only got better. Now, at 47, I am going up two stairs at a time again. I even had to switch between two different PTs because one went on maternity leave, but the transition was smooth like butter!” B.R.

“I cannot even tell you how exasperated I was with my doctors and my old physical therapist. Thousands of dollars, hours of frustration and minimal results. I know this deal probably looks too good to be true. I thought so, but just sign up and follow their guidance. I was scheduled for a knee replacement, but that is not even on the table anymore for discussion probably for at least a couple years.”

“Because I am out of state, I could not get their one on one care. However, I saw my PT every other week for check in sessions and they helped me find the best local PT place for me, much better than the one my MD sent me to last year and with BreakThrough’s program, I now have my most trusted support system in place for all my medical needs.” S.H.

“I live in Florida, but I wasn’t getting the help I needed. You’d think doctors and PTs in Florida would know what to do with Knee OA. I bought 2 different knee braces that cost me over $200. Now, I am not using either brace and I know what exercises to do, how to do them properly. My glutes are stronger, my core is stronger and I am more flexible now than I was a year ago. BreakThrough knows their stuff.”

Sadly, most knee pain sufferers will follow the same, predictable path.
1) Ignore it
2) Try it on their own using Google, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, etc
3) Purchase at least one gimmick tool or knee brace, kinesiotape without knowing how to use it, etc
4) Visit to MD where they get referred to PT and/or to Orthopedist
5) Visit with Orthopedist is over $750 since they instantly take xray even before you see the MD
6) Referral to PT
7) Medications, injections
8) Other imaging such as MRI
9) Discussion with orthopedic surgeon about surgical options
10) Etc

It’s not their fault, they just haven’t been taught the right way to achieve their desired outcome. It doesn’t have to be this way for you though. Since 2004, thousands of BreakThrough clients have flipped the odds in their favor every day. The good news for you is that every client helps us get better and better. Because we value your experience, we improve with every client.

We can show you exactly how you too can achieve these impressive results, using the same, proven strategies. Sign up for our proven program today, including an exclusive 50% offer for a virtual evaluation, ongoing insider tips, special offers through the year and much more. You will see changes faster than you ever would have imagined just like D.T.

“I wasted so much time and money on silly gimmicks, MD visits where I left without the answers I needed, PT appointments where I was just given a photo of some exercises and very basic treatment, and acupuncture. Why couldn’t I have found you sooner?” D. T
Okay, you made it to OUR SECRET. Yep, we are giving that away for free too. Here it is:
The main reason people are not succeeding without our proven program is that none of their solutions is actually treating the cause. Everything other people have to offer simply address the symptoms. At BreakThrough, we teach you about the cause and put you back in control of your destiny.
Are you tired of not doing things because of pain or limitations? Do you honestly think it will get better on its own? What if it got worse? Much worse? What would you do if you didn’t even want to take a walk on the beach or be able to easily shower, put on your clothes, etc?
Why waste weeks, months or even years struggling along, trying to figure things out for yourself? You can save this time and achieve a much better result when you obtain our expert advice through this proven Knee OA program and use our blueprint to achieve your desired outcome. It’s like a shortcut which gives you a newer, better, happier, more cost effective path and enables you to enjoy the activities you desire with those you love the most.
Are you ready to flip the script in your favor and achieve your desired outcome in the shortest time possible? How would it feel to have more money, freedom and a better lifestyle? If you are ready, then claim your free proven Knee program while you still can.
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