Help your team maximize efficiency and live without the minor pains of life!

Live without the minor pains of life and be your best.

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As a result of your affiliation with NexPosture and our desire to help you keep ahead of costly, stressful and time consuming claims, please enjoy a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Lee H. Kole, PT, President & CEO of BreakThrough.


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Their Programs are
Custom Built and...
  • Improve Onboarding Experience
  • Provide your team with 24×7 access to care, worldwide
  • Tailored to your Budget
  • Provide Employees with Monthly Ergonomics and Wellness Tips
  • Help you prevent WC Claims and frivolous equipment requests
  • Include Lunch and Learns on an array of health and wellness topics
  • Increase Productivity, Efficiency, and Retention
  • Foster Work-Life Balance
  • Much More…

The results speak for themselves

See what others have accomplished with our help

We can change lives for athletes and every-day people who enjoy active pursuits. By keeping them injury free and moving better, they can keep doing what they love -- be it playing soccer, volleyball or hiking in Iceland like Brian did.

What People Are Saying

See what others have accomplished with our help.

Meet Tehmina

At BreakThrough, they truly understood my pain and issues and took time to correctly identify my issues. The exercises I received me made a huge difference in reducing my pain and improving my quality of life during pregnancy. I could actually feel and see my progress improve quickly! It’s changed my attitude and I feel stronger and glad I finally have the tools to feel better!

Meet Lauren

I’m in college. I watched countless videos, checked out numerous fitness sites and I even bought myself a smartwatch. I just haven’t been able to get the results. I was skeptical when I joined BreakThrough because why would virtual sessions even work! To my surprise it is like being a professional athlete with an entire team dedicated to my well being. I learned that my shoulders were sore due to poor mechanics and now I no longer feel the aches and pains. Now I can do more reps and lift heavier!

Save your company thousands of dollars and countless hours of stress.

I want to learn more. Please schedule my complimentary Consultation to discuss corporate ergonomics and wellness as a result of our relationship with NexPosture.

BreakThrough has been committed to changing lives for the better on a worldwide basis every day since 2004!

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