Degenerative Disc Disease – DDD

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Degenerative Disc DiseaseStudies show that incidence of cervical (neck) or lumbar (low back) degenerative disc disease occurs in greater than 85% of the population.  Even studies with asymptomatic individuals greater than 45 years of age commonly show incidence of cervical or lumbar disc degeneration.

Low back pain, neck pain, cervical and lumbar disc degeneration is a fact of life for most of us.  At BreakThrough, we find that it is always best to treat the cause and not just the symptoms and even more importantly to take a proactive approach to this reality.

Our skilled physical therapists have a vested interest in you and your ability to participate in the activities you desire.  We find that all low back pain, neck pain and symptoms which result from degenerative disc disease as well as the progression of the degeneration can be slowed through proper evaluation and treatment.  Almost always, we will find some combination of limitations with:

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Body mechanics
  • Endurance


Below are a couple great videos showing you how to reduce low back pain through improved body mechanics with basic daily activities such as doing the dishes and laundry. There is so much more we help with so feel free to schedule your complimentary 25 minute video consultation with one of our therapists today.

If you are not sure what to do about your back, but want an easy, cost and time effective way to help ensure you take the right steps towards your future, guided by an expert; check out our Telehealth or Unlicensed Health Consultant and Coaching Services.

We will work with you to help you get out of pain associated with degenerative disc disease or work with you in a wellness or sports performance program to ensure you have the tools you need to minimize risk for needing physical therapy or other medical care for the natural degenerative disc disease essentially all of us will face as we age.

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