Temperomandibular Joint TMJ Pain

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Temperomandibular Joint TMJ Pain
There are many causes and symptoms related with TMJ dysfunction.  The bottom line is that TMJ dysfunction can be painful and extremely limiting on your life.  Often times headaches are increasingly common and your enjoyment in participation is social situations and even eating can be extremely limited.  Often times people will seek extensive treatment through dental appliances when a simple exercise program, postural education and manual (hands on) therapy would have been equally, if not more successful, especially in the long term.

At BreakThrough, your therapist will obtain a thorough history so they understand your past, present and future goals and then conduct an extensive manual exam to identify the areas of weakness, inflexibility (hypomobility) or hypermobility.  We will then work with you to improve your body mechanics in various situations, develop strength and of course use extensive hands on care to relieve pain, soften muscle tissue and retrain all associated tissues to operate more efficiently in the future.


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