Gymnastics Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy for Gymnasts
Gymnasts require exceptional strength, stability and endurance for their sport.  The postures and loads placed on the body are extreme and often (especially loading under extensive lumbar extension) go against basic principles of motion for the human body.  At BreakThrough Physical Therapy we understand the loads and physics/biomechanics and the essentials that your coaches need from you.  We work hard to balance our view of the human body and how it moves with your goals to help you primarily ensure that you maintain a healthy spine, but also allow you to compete at a high level at any age.

If you are not sure what you can do to obtain improved strength and flexibility over and above your gymnastics specific training, check out our easy, cost and time effective way to help ensure you take the right steps towards your future, guided by an expert.


“I never understood how the body was built to accept loads.  Working with the BreakThrough Physical Therapy team has helped me, my husband and my daughter create a balance that works for her to compete at a high level, while maintaining principles of movement that will help her maintain a healthy spine in her adult life.”

Gymnastics Physical Therapy

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