Snowboarding Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy for Snowboarders
Snowboarders require significant core and lower extremity strength, flexibility and endurance.  The most common snowboarding injuries seem to be arm and wrist fractures, but at BreakThrough Physical Therapy we see patients with hip, knee, ankle and back injuries as well as a result of snowboarding.  These result from balance and core strength issues which allow one to fall with an outstretched arm.  We have worked successfully with patients to help them regain wrist and upper extremity mobility and strength after an injury as well as preventatively on their core and lower extremity strength using a functional approach to their workout plan.  Unfortunately most gym equipment helps to build strength, but fails to integrate all the interrelated balance and coordination required of all muscle groups to attack the slopes.  Whether it is a smooth powder run through the trees or more aggressive aerial maneuvers that gets your blood flowing, our physical therapists can help.


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“I thought PT was just for people who were hurt.  Now I am totally shredding on my snowboard and carving turns better than ever.”

Snowboarding Physical Therapy

“Snowboarding has been a way of life for me.  Thanks for helping me get back on the slopes.”

Snowboarding Physical Therapy

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