Telemedicine for Physical Therapy

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If you are like most people out there with minor aches and pains, feeling of stiffness and limited flexibility in the mornings or sore after a long or stressful day, our Telemedicine Experience is probably just what you need. Have you been searching Google for answers, but not obtained the proper results? Do you feel you are slowly going backwards and it is just a matter of time until you will need formal physical therapy services, expensive MD visits, potential imaging, prescriptions or even urgent surgical intervention if you don’t “course correct”?

BreakThrough’s Telemedicine Experience is designed to help you and so many others on a worldwide basis to stop the slow, frustrating downward spiral, reduce your ultimate financial, time and emotional involvement in these issues and get you right back on track in a hurry.

Our current physical therapy patients rave about this adjunct to their in-office sessions. It enables their therapist to see them and help them in their own environment, explore their work/ergonomic situation and be able to provide the highest level of individualized care available worldwide!

Our Telemedicine Experience for physical therapy is specifically designed for people of all ages and abilities. This technology enables us to:

  • Provide you with one on one attention and personal interaction with your program
  • Implement face to face training on NEW exercises
  • Observe your movement patterns and provide tips for improvement
  • Assess your current home exercise program and offer guidance on better form, timing, and advancement to the next level
  • Assess your workstation(s) and share ergonomics tips based on your situation
  • Keep you progressing even when you are ill, really busy or out of town

Call (408-736-7600) or Contact Us for more information about how our unique and world renowned Telemedicine Experience will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, prevent injury and improve performance. We rely on open and honest communication through HIPAA compliant synchronous video.  While nothing replaces an in person session, we have been able to help many people take their first step to success at a low cost, low time commitment and maximal value! Please note that many insurance companies are not supporting this service, but we are focused on you and your health and work with you through open communications so that you can make educated decisions.

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