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Parents and Guardians

We know you want the best for your child.  Whether that is excelling at their sport, enjoying what they do, or minimizing injuries. We share the same goals and take our role seriously.  BEYOND provides your child with a fun environment where they feel proud of what they accomplish. Your child can enter their season(s) with confidence knowing they are one step ahead of the competition.

During the 6 week program, we are available to meet with you and your child to review their progress and answer any questions you may have.  Upon completion of the program, your athlete will have the knowledge we hope they will utilize to their advantage BEYOND the end of the program in order to continually perform at their very best with a high level of enjoyment.

Our Professionals

As physical therapists, we want nothing more than to keep your child healthy and injury free. Unlike other trainers and coaches that just provide strength and conditioning, our physical therapists have doctoral degrees which allow them the ability to evaluate, treat and prevent injuries.  They’ve worked with athletes and patients from pee wee to the elite college level.  Our professionals are also trained to adapt to different learning styles and will find the right way to motivate your athlete in order to reach his or her potential throughout the program.

Because of the open communication we build with you, your athlete and his/her coaches through this program, it allows us to handle issues and injuries more effectively so that we can help guide you and your athlete back to the field in the safest, most efficient, cost-effective fashion.

Our Programs

We utilize scientific, research based testing and training programs that are designed to improve form/mechanics speed, power, and agility. Our video analysis system allows athletes, coaches and parents to see their movements and slow motion technology allows our physical therapists to analyze these quick movements that the naked eye can miss allowing for a thorough assessment of each athlete’s form and body mechanics to ensure that the appropriate things are being addressed.

The Bottom Line…

BEYOND PARENTS have healthier, happier, more confident kids.  They spend less time and money on healthcare and have more time for themselves, their work and their family. They take pride in their child’s contribution to the team.


You already know that hard work will help you reach your goals.  We want you to work smart though so every bit of effort and time you put in pays off.  Whether it is making the varsity team or looking to be recruited by colleges, being faster, stronger and more knowledgeable makes all the difference. BEYOND combines your motivation and dedication with our scientifically developed program and experienced staff, helping you reach and exceed your goals more efficiently in a team oriented, fun environment.

Don’t let an injury ruin your chances of having a successful athletic career!  By participating in BEYOND Performance you’ll learn proper form and mechanics on how to move, run, jump and land most efficiently.  You will learn the most important exercises you AREN’T doing that can bring up lagging aspects of your performance and help prevent possible future injuries.

BEYOND is developed by renowned and experienced sports performance physical therapists with years of experience and education.  Our professional specialization is focused on treating injuries and athletes of all levels so you can feel comfortable knowing that you are in good hands.  Most importantly, we have the ability to change any aspect of the program, tailoring it just for YOU and your TEAM.

On your first day, we assess your speed, agility, strength and power as well as perform a video analysis.  We gather additional information via questionnaire/interview with each individual athlete to assess key deficits that may need to be addressed throughout the program.  We will continually re-evaluate your progress throughout the program and in the end provide you with a detailed analysis of your results.

Because of the open communication we build with you, your parent(s)/guardian(s) and coaches through this program, it allows us to handle issues and injuries more effectively so that we can help guide you back to your sport in the safest, most efficient fashion.

The Bottom Line…

BEYOND ATHLETES enter the season with greater flexibility, power, form/mechanics, strength, speed, agility, core strength and endurance.  Simply put, they are ready to dominate!

Coaches, Athletic Directors, ATC’s and Sports and Conditioning Specialists

Ever start a season and go home after the first practice thinking, “How am I going to get these kids in proper form before our first game?” Ever end a season that you thought you had all the right things in place, but fail to achieve your goals?

Don’t waste your first week or two of practice on conditioning when your athletes can come ready and prepared for your sport specific drills.  At BreakThrough, we know your time and resources are limited and that injuries force you to make major modifications in your plan, negatively affecting your success and job security.  Parents, athletes and administrators expect more and more from you and that is a lot to take on.  BEYOND Performance will help you better enjoy what you do and succeed.

BEYOND Performance is meant to complement what you provide at practice. Our focus is purely on improving the athlete’s form, speed, power, agility, strength and most importantly, staying injury free. There is nothing more frustrating than losing your athlete to preventable injuries. If you have some athletes that need additional training, we can help during the season too with our one on one sports performance programs.

As we finalize your program, we will meet with you individually to understand you and your team’s goals.  We’ll customize the program for your team. We are also aware of CCS/CIF regulations and bylaws and we will do everything necessary to keep you and your team safe.

Because of the open communication we build with you through this program, it allows us to handle issues and injuries more effectively so that we can help guide you and your athlete back to sport in the safest, most efficient fashion.

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The Bottom Line…

BEYOND COACHES get to focus on their passion, developing successful individual athletes while simultaneously achieving or exceeding team goals.  They enjoy greater job security and receive more positive praise from the community and administration they serve.  They begin their season ahead of the curve.

Click here to learn more about our 3 Day BEYOND PROGRAM

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