Soccer Sports Performance

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Learn how to avoid injury and improve sports performance.

Soccer players often suffer from various hip, knee and ankle injuries. At BreakThrough we help you to develop proper core and lower extremity strength to stabilize on your stance leg to give you the proper stability to make a great pass or shoot at the goal with your kicking leg. We’ve seen too many groin pulls, ankle and knee injuries and for most of these people when we see them for physical therapy services to help them recover, we quickly realize that it was really a matter of “when” and not “if” they would have been injured. Our sports performance clients get to go play whenever they want knowing that they have developed the proper strength, agility, flexibility and endurance to play at their best. Whether you are an adolescent or high school athlete just trying to enjoy your youth sports participation years or a highly competitive athlete looking for a full scholarship or a professional looking to enjoy continually playing in your adult years, our sports performance team is ready and fully prepared to help.

With our Soccer Sports Performance program it’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1) We will first learn about you, your current status and goals for the future.
2) We will then perform a thorough evaluation to assess movement patterns, strength, flexibility and agility.
3) We will explain our findings and design a mutually agreeable program which enables you to achieve your goals.



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