Swimming Sports Performance

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Learn how to avoid injury and improve sports performance.

Swimmers’ bodies take a whole different form based on the stresses this sport places on your neck and shoulders. Our sports performance programs for shoulders address the muscular imbalances that often occur as a result of miles in the pool. We work with you to improve your overall flexibility, core and upper/lower extremity strength and endurance with good postural habits to offset the maladaptive postural tendencies that often occur in swimmers. Often times we see high school level swimmers suffer injuries right as they are hoping for a scholarship or really maximizing their meet results and hitting PRs because of overuse injuries. Our programs help to mitigate this and then allow you to work with your swim coaches on the specific mechanics they want you to be using in the water.



With our Swimming Sports Performance program it’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1) We will first learn about you, your current status and goals for the future.
2) We will then perform a thorough evaluation to assess movement patterns, strength, flexibility and agility.
3) We will explain our findings and design a mutually agreeable program which enables you to achieve your goals.

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