Tennis Sports Performance

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Learn how to avoid injury and improve sports performance.

Tennis is a sport that requires the entire body to be moving at multiple directions at anytime. It requires significant lower extremity strength, stability and endurance through all core musculature, the lower extremities (legs) as well as the upper body. Our tennis sports performance clients report greater enjoyment and success with their tennis matches as a result of having improved flexibility, strength, agility, endurance and power. They are excited to get to work with us to continually enjoy their sport as opposed to having to take time off from it due to injury!

With our Tennis Sports Performance program it’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1) We will first learn about you, your current status and goals for the future.
2) We will then perform a thorough evaluation to assess movement patterns, strength, flexibility and agility.
3) We will explain our findings and design a mutually agreeable program which enables you to achieve your goals.


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