BEYOND Football

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Learn how to avoid injury and improve sports performance.

The best football players take time off the field to develop athleticism.  Taking the time and effort to develop flexibility, power, strength, speed, agility, form/mechanics, core strength and endurance allows each athlete to master their skills which enables them to perform at their highest level possible.  What good are your skills if you can’t utilize them at your full potential?  “Luck favors the prepared” and our Beyond Performance program will prepare you to be the best athlete you can be.  Will you be ready when the time comes? Will you be fast enough, strong enough and be able to keep up with the best athletes on the field?  Call now to perform BEYOND your expectations.

“Coaching 40+ players is no easy task.  BreakThrough’s BEYOND Program has helped my staff and I immensely by better preparing our athletes for the season.  This enables us to start at a higher level with all our athletes and focus on execution.  We have had our share of injuries and BreakThrough’s Team has been great at getting them back on the field quickly and safely.” M.M., San Jose

BEYOND will help you:

  • Improve force, power and strength to move opponents of the ball on the line of scrimmage, break tackles turning a short gain into a big play, and counteract speed rushers off the edge
  • Increase speed to breakaway down the field on offense and make big defensive plays
  • Develop quicker feet (agility) to avoid tackles and run better routes on offense and get to the ball faster on defense
  • Gain balance and stability to improve efficiency all over the field
  • Improve core strength and prevent football injuries
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