Sports Performance (for Individuals, ages 5-17)

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Learn how to avoid injury and improve sports performance.

“Roopa and the whole BreakThrough TEAM were phenomenal!

After my daughter’s soccer injury, we did not know where to turn. I wish we had known about their sports performance and injury prevention programs before we had all the stress and expense of MD visits, X-Rays, MRI and formal PT through our health insurance which is always a pain to deal with.” E.M. 

You’ve enlisted sports specific coaching, but you just don’t have the strength, power, agility, endurance or movement patterns you need to take your game to the next level.  Let our sports performance specialists perform a thorough evaluation and customize a program to ensure you achieve your goals.

Too often we see kids and adolescents getting “over-trained” in one sport too early on and they burn out or get injured just when they should be enjoying it and excelling the most.  The truth is that sports specific coaches are a key part of your child’s sports development team, but they can’t do it all.  Let our sports performance specialists conduct a thorough evaluation and understand your goals.  We then partner with you and your coaches or personal trainers to ensure that we all know our roles so that we can develop you most efficiently and cost effectively towards your goals.

The strength, flexibility, agility, power, endurance, speed, core strength, jumping and landing mechanics we see across the board in this population are not at the level they need to be for a long term successful athletic experience whether it is just for personal enjoyment or you are targeting a scholarship and potentially a career in sports.  Our sports performance programs are created specifically for you and address all of these common issues.

We’ve developed relationships with all the top orthopedists in the area, multiple high schools, clubs and gyms.  We also keep up to speed with the latest in literature to ensure you are getting the best tools for success.

Call today or complete our Contact Us form below and let our sports specialists help you achieve your sports goals before injury or over-training occurs costing you extensive time, monies and frustration and potentially jeopardizing your scholarship or longer term goals.  Ask about our 10 week Sports Prep Program!

“We’ve had 3 kids go through BreakThrough’s 10 week Sports Performance Program and it has been a tremendous help. Each child is very different in terms of their body and their sport. The Care Team did a great job of listening and helping pair us up with the right PT for each child, our schedule, etc. Thank you BreakThrough!” J.S.

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