Jennifer has always had a love for an active lifestyle, which has brought a desire to help others gain and maintain their own independence with activity. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Japanese with a minor in marine biology from the University of Hawaii. Throughout her education and subsequent work experiences, she discovered a love for teaching and an interest in the importance of proper body mechanics for injury prevention. These two loves led her to return to school to become a physical therapist. She obtained her doctorate of physical therapy from Northern Arizona University.

Jennifer has a particular interest in pregnancy-related orthopedic conditions and male and female pelvic floor physical therapy. She firmly believes in the importance of being able to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without being hindered by invisible stresses such as bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction.  She has an exceptional understanding of the global bodily impact these dysfunctions can have.  She also believes in empowering pregnant and postpartum women to achieve their personal fitness or activity goals.  In addition to pelvic floor and pregnancy-related physical therapy, Jennifer is proficient in treating a wide variety of other orthopedic conditions such as shoulder dysfunction, neck and back pain, cervicogenic headaches, total joint replacements and plantar fasciitis to name a few. Jennifer believes that each patient is an individual, and she maximizes education so that patients fully understand their conditions and to promote as much autonomy in their own care as possible. She utilizes manual therapy techniques, modalities, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education and home exercise programs in her plans of care.

She is recognized by the American Physical Therapy Association as a certified obstetrics physical therapist (CAPP-OB).  After having two children of her own, she believes that she is able to relate with patients who struggle to maintain their active ways of life while juggling parenthood.

In her spare time, Jennifer thoroughly enjoys spending time with her family while going on hikes, traveling, running, and exploring new places.  Through activity modifications, she is thrilled to be able to bring her small children along on adventures.

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