Melinda studied Chemistry at University of California, Irvine for her Bachelors thinking that she was going to make a career being a chemist, but took a turn when she torn her ACL. Through her recovery process, she fell in love with the profession and began to pursue her Doctorate of Physical Therapy, graduating from University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences.

Melinda enjoys working with people of all ages and is really engaged with them to help them achieve their goals. She also has a passion for learning and implementing new techniques to ensure her patients/clients achieve the best possible results. Melinda creatively and safely challenges her patients/clients to perform their best. She believes in sustainable lifelong changes to improve an individual’s quality of life and her treatments involve a brilliant combination of manual therapy, education, functional exercises, stability and strengthening.

When Melinda is not working, she stays active by weightlifting, lion dancing, practicing yoga, hiking and playing sports with her friends and family. On her lazy days, she enjoys cooking, baking, playing video games, board games and watching anime. Melinda was born and raised in the Bay Area but fell in love with traveling. She’s spent a lot of time exploring Southern California and Texas, especially the Houston area where she has friends and family.

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