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corporate custom wellness and ergonomicsWhether you and your company are taking a proactive approach to employee health and wellness, or you’ve run into an issue with a worker’s compensation situation, we can help with our Corporate Custom Wellness and Ergonomics Programs.  Congratulations on taking the first step to help your employees to be happier and healthier in the workplace.  Today’s employer has to offer more and our programs are all customized, fun and engaging. Nothing “cookie cutter” here! We know your staff will appreciate this amazing benefit you’re providing for them and that you will appreciate significant ROI.

Our programs can be as simple as an interactive presentation with a QA session or one time per employee onsite assessment and training as part of your onboarding process.  We also create custom programs after a discovery call followed by a tour at your facility(ies) and meeting. The menu of options include, but are not limited to:

  • Consulting with your HR Department on any and all current challenges and goals with a written report of findings and suggestions
  • Regular onsite and virtual assessments
  • Recommendations for ergonomic accommodations and collaboration with your furniture and fixtures vendor(s), construction team, etc.
  • PT/Wellness/Sports Performance services on location and via HIPAA compliant digital technology
  • Treatment on a group or individual basis at our facility
  • and more…

Years ago we had a patient who filed a worker’s compensation claim the same day they resigned their position.  They pushed their body too far and finally, their body won. Thousands of dollars, multiple surgeries and physical therapy sessions later, we were able to restore proper function to allow this individual to return to all normal activities of daily living without pain.  Today, we still see patients who just don’t know the things that are causing them pain or limitation.  With a few sessions, our therapists can identify problem areas and tips for improvement whether it is at the keyboard or in a physical, labor-intensive work environment.

Ergonomic evaluation and training packages are established on a case by case basis.  Our goal is to properly meet the needs of your organization.  We first meet with the lead representative from your company who has decision making power so we can ask the important questions to learn your current situation and goals as well as educate you on your options.  From there, we custom build a proposal for your review and proceed accordingly.  We guarantee that everyone will learn something of value that if used properly will help them substantially.

Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI)

Repetitive Stress Injuries are the most common causes of aches and pains which ultimately require physical therapy to return to a better quality of life.  Physical therapists often simply focus on the symptoms to help relieve pain.  Unfortunately, that is not enough.  It is critical that when a patient presents with a repetitive stress injury, we not only work to eliminate their symptoms but more importantly to take the time required to educate them on probable causes and solutions.  Our patients return to their work and daily activities with the knowledge they need to be successful and pain-free.

Keyboard Training

Neck pain, low back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain as well as wrist and hand pain result from poor body mechanics while working at the computer.  Many patients suffer from diagnoses such as thoracic outlet syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other nerve entrapments as a result of poor posture and body mechanics while working at the computer keyboard.  Our team is trained in the MouseKeyDo® system of keyboard training developed by Dr. Norman J. Kahan, MD.  This system has provided a critical tool that serves as an adjunct to our keyboard training program.  It is great as a stand-alone system, but we have found that in order to truly get the most out of it you need a qualified physical therapist who is skilled at observation of your movement patterns and can help provide the critical feedback you need to know what your body and hands are doing while at the computer.  Whatever your symptoms, if you are having difficulty as a result of your work on the computer, we can help.

Ergonomics Training

Many larger corporations in our area offer an ergonomics evaluation to help set up your workstation.  What often gets left off is the actual training as to how to use it.  Many of the ergonomists although extremely skilled and knowledgeable, are simply not there to fully observe and evaluate you and your symptoms.  Our physical therapists are extremely skilled at the observation of body mechanics and postural tendencies and within a few visits, you should have the knowledge you need to continually improve your posture and body mechanics in the office and at home.  At BreakThrough, we have successfully trained thousands of individuals to more effectively use their bodies with all daily activities (sports, work, home, hobbies, etc) and our physical therapists can certainly help provide you with the training you need to live a healthier, happier life.

Cell Phone and Tablet Usage

Many of us utilize a wide array of mobile devices for work purposes, but we use them incorrectly. Our TEAM will provide tips and tricks for improved safety, enjoyment and injury prevention while on the go!

FMS Screens, Sports and Wellness Consults  

Help your staff determine their current status and make a successful plan regarding strength, posture/body mechanics with various activities of daily life including the workplace and flexibility through our Individual (one on one) Telehealth Experience, FMS Screens, Wellness, and Sports Performance Consultations.



To learn more, call 408-736-7600 and ask about our Corporate Custom Wellness and Ergonomics Program or complete our Contact Us form below.


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