What are physical therapy range of motion exercises good for?

What are physical therapy range of motion exercises good for?

Your question is a little unspecific as to which joint you need more information about and if you have had an injury/pain limiting your range of motion. However, generally range of motion is basically the movement that the various joints of your body have so you can effectively perform your daily activities without discomfort.

When speaking of active range of motion (AROM), this relates to your ability to use your muscles to move the associated joint(s) through their range. Passive range of motion (PROM) is when someone else aides a particular joint through its entire motion. In which case your muscular control is not a factor and we are able to assess how the joint and tissues move without muscular control. Often due to genetics, daily activities, age, trauma and many other factors, joints may show a tendency to reduce their available range of motion through both active and passive means.

Physical Therapists are experts in human movement and as such, we perform detailed assessment to determine if your limitations are more associated with changes in join integrity, ligamentous issues (hyper and hypo mobility) and muscular control issues for muscles which cross the affected joint(s) and others which support. Physical Therapy consisting of specific range of motion exercises (passive, active and others) is a great way to be able to maintain not only your muscle strength but also make sure your joints do not lose their available range of motion as you age or as you develop certain postural adaptations.

At BreakThrough, we offer Unlicensed Health Consultation and Coaching services through an easy to use, secure video platform to assess and treat various conditions for people worldwide. For patients and clients we work with in the clinic, additional assistance with hands on care is available to help maximize joint mobility, muscular control and overall function!

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