Reduce Injuries From Sports And Daily Activities.

Live without the minor pains of life and be your best.

How We Can Help

Are you, your spouse, significant other, or parents aging and concerned about general fitness, fall prevention, or other routines to preserve and maximize safety and independence?

-Benefit from personalized training routines designed specifically for you to help you stay strong and independent as you age.
-Prevent falls and increase mobility with tailored exercises that focus on your balance and coordination.
-Enjoy working out in the comfort of your own home without expensive equipment or gym memberships.
-Get started today with a virtual consultation with one of our experts.
Is your child having challenges in sports with injuries, lack of confidence, or just not getting the playing time they desire?

-Benefit from individualized assessment and guidance so that they build the confidence they require for success
-Ensure they increase their playing time and reach their full potential
-Prevent unneeded time off from sport, costly medical visits, imaging or even surgery
-Help them become a stronger, more confident athlete who enjoys playing sports, develop increased self confidence and improved body image
Do you have minor aches that aren’t going away, but you do not feel it is bad enough to go to the doctor yet?

-YouTube and Chat groups can only provide you with so much, obtain one on one evaluation and guidance with BreakThrough’s program
-We get it, you don’t want to pay for your deductible and deal with the medical and insurance system if you do not have to
-Don’t wait until your injury is unbearable to seek help. Early intervention can speed up the healing process and save you a lot of time, frustration and money
-Start living pain-free with BreakThrough’s proven methods
Have you been to the doctor and not obtained clear direction as to your prognosis and guidance for the best path forward?

-Share your story with us and our experts will help guide you to obtain improved understanding of your prognosis
-Obtain help finding the right specialist for you based on your location, insurance, and more
-Benefit from step-by-step, individualized guidance
-Receive clear follow-up care recommendations
Do you have questions about your ergonomic setup?

-Avoid chronic pain and discomfort with ergonomic advice from our experts
-Eliminate guesswork when it comes to proper positioning and setup
-Get relief from existing pain and prevent new injuries from occurring
-Learn critical stretching and strengthening tips for your situation and ensure you are doing them properly
-Convenient online consultation service that fits into your busy schedule
Are you having medical concerns but not sure what specialist to seek help from?

– We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping you get the best care possible
– Gain peace of mind by knowing that you’re seeing the right specialist for your condition.
Have you taken your child to the doctor, and they told you, “it is just growing pains”?

-BreakThrough is here to help you know for sure if it is just growing pains or something more
-All growing pains and return to activities can be minimized with proper guidance
-Ensure your child is getting the best, most cost effective care possible
-Gain access to experts who are trusted worldwide
Are you having vestibular issues and/or dizziness?

-Stop taking medication that has not helped you, but was prescribed due to failure to properly diagnose the cause of your symptoms
-Obtain guidance from experienced professionals that have solved vestibular issues, vertigo and dizziness for many across the globe
-Proper assessment and guidance improves activities of daily living, quality of life, and reduces fall risk
-Obtain a custom program that is specific to your needs and goals.
Are you having pelvic floor issues such as incontinence, pelvic pain, or other related symptoms?

-Pelvic floor issues are extremely limiting, sometimes embarrassing and often sometimes progressive if left untreated. Don’t wait. Improve your quality of life today.
-Regain control over your body.
-Be heard in the safety and comfort of your own home, then obtain the best possible care.
-Obtain guidance with what specialists you should see. Save time and money by going to the right specialist(s) from the beginning.
If you are a new mother… are you having mastitis and wondering how to resolve it? Are you experiencing hip, back, neck, shoulder, elbow, or wrist pain?

-Get the help you need to resolve mastitis and other post-pregnancy health issues
-Recover from pain more quickly with individualized assessment and guidance
-Improve your posture and body mechanics for all tasks related to motherhood for better overall health
-Obtain the results you need in the convenience of your own home
Are you planning a family and want to be sure you are in shape? Take the right considerations as you shop for baby gear, strollers, etc.

-Improve your health and fitness before, during, and after your pregnancy
-Stay safe and healthy while working out
-Choosing the right gear can make a difference in your success as a parent
-Get tips on what to look for when choosing baby equipment
-Learn about the features that are important to consider
-Make sure you’re set up for success when you bring your little one home
Do you have new fitness or sports performance goals that you'd like guidance with?

– Achieve your fitness goals with expert help.
– Get the most out of your training with tailored advice.
– Transform your body and feel more confident.
– Reach new levels in your sport and crush your competition.


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The Results Speak For Themselves

See what others have accomplished with our help

Meet Tehmina

At BreakThrough, they truly understood my pain and issues and took time to correctly identify my issues. The exercises I received me made a huge difference in reducing my pain and improving my quality of life during pregnancy. I could actually feel and see my progress improve quickly! It’s changed my attitude and I feel stronger and glad I finally have the tools to feel better!

Meet Lauren

I’m in college. I watched countless videos, checked out numerous fitness sites and I even bought myself a smartwatch. I just haven’t been able to get the results. I was skeptical when I joined BreakThrough because why would virtual sessions even work! To my surprise it is like being a professional athlete with an entire team dedicated to my well being. I learned that my shoulders were sore due to poor mechanics and now I no longer feel the aches and pains. Now I can do more reps and lift heavier!


Virtual Health Consultation, or VHC, is a remote tool to receive expert guidance that is guaranteed to help you overcome challenges you face in your daily activities, exercise routines, or sport performance goals. Those who want to receive trusted and expert help from the comfort of their own home, hotel, office or any other convenient location, will find it with VHC. Sessions are conducted through our secure, virtual platform and help you:

  • feel heard and understood
  • save time
  • reduce frustration
  • save money
  • answer key questions about your situation
  • get on the right path to improved health and wellness
  • navigate the medical system by finding the right providers for your goals
  • and more...

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Book your 25-minute virtual consultation to speak with one of our experts, confidentially share your story and obtain detailed help and support from passionate, experienced professionals. BreakThrough has been committed to changing lives for the better on a worldwide basis every day since 2004!...

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