Testimonials from our physical therapy patients

Physical Therapy“I went to Irina at BreakThrough Physical Therapy for a dozen or so physical therapy sessions after having surgery on my patellar tendon.  From the first session, I was impressed with my physical therapist’s pleasant demeanor, good communication skills and deep knowledge as we discussed my goals and what to expect over the physical therapy process.  She put me on a very regimented program that started slow and increased in intensity as my knee improved. This graduated approach was key as I came in with a lot of pain and limited range of motion. With her extensive experience, Irina knew exactly when to increase the load.

During the training, my physical therapist was very meticulous in making sure I did the exercises correctly and before I left the physical therapy clinic, she gave me very useful printed descriptions of the exercises I needed to do at home or the gym until the next session.  I dreaded the idea of doing boring, repetitive exercises, but Irina has a nice portfolio of diverse exercises that kept things interesting.   We worked a lot on my core as well as I learned from Irina that this was underutilized prior to going to physical therapy and needed to be built back up to ensure a holistic and balanced recovery.  Ultimately improving my core would help to also increase the rate of improvement.  Irina also used massaging/manipulation to help with the circulation around the injured area.

I must say that I was very fortunate to be under Irina’s care as she is a true expert of physical therapy craft and a total professional.  I hope I never need physical therapy again, but if I do I’ll be sure to go back to Irina and the BreakThrough Team.  Thanks and Great Job!!!”
San Jose

“I’ve been injured twice during the last two years; I guess I have been pushing myself too hard lately.

Remembering a first successful and pleasant physical therapy session with Hilary, I requested her again when returned for the second time to BreakThrough Physical Therapy. The second therapy session with her was even better. Hilary is an extremely professional physical therapist, and caring. Once again she managed to guide me to a perfect recovery, and put me back on track comfortably.

The whole atmosphere at BreakThrough Physical Therapy is pleasant, and everybody is exceptionally helpful and nice. They greet you, remember your name, ask you if you need something, and make you feel at home.

For me, at both sessions they turned the most unfortunate injury, and what was supposed to be an unpleasant treatment, into a fun experience.

…and I love the background music.”

“After rupturing my Achilles tendon and was able to begin physical therapy I went to BreakThrough Physical Therapy. From the very beginning, I was welcomed by every person I worked with.

My primary physical therapist, Stacey, was outstanding. Stacey is extremely knowledgeable and she built a recovery schedule specifically for me. After the surgery I was very tentative about doing anything that could possibly damage it again. Mainly because I re-ruptured the same tendon less than two weeks after my first surgery and it had to be re-connected again.

After approximately six months of weekly physical therapy the entire team help me get back to normal I am now back to playing golf again.  The entire staff was wonderful to work with and I highly recommend BreakThrough Physical Therapy for all your therapy needs.”
V. G.
Los Gatos

“BreakThrough Physical Therapy is a really friendly and professional place to receive physical therapy.

I hurt my neck and shoulder last winter while snowboarding. My doctor recommended that I go to BreakThrough Physical Therapy. The staff there was very friendly and helpful.

I ended up seeing the physical therapist, Lee. He was very patient, attentive and professional. He was able to identify my problem areas quickly and educated me about my condition, provided plans for what our approach would be to help me achieve my goals and opened up the lines of communication so I felt comfortable from the start.  He was used a combination of massage, ice, and other approaches to help ease my pain. More importantly, he provided me with the knowledge of how to properly treat pain outside of the session.

I was able to completely recover from my pain after a few sessions with him. I was also able to correct some of my habits that could potentially cause shoulder and neck pain.

I would totally recommend this place for good physical therapy!”

“I went to BreakThrough Physical Therapy to get treatment for a sports injury which herniated a disc in my lower back (L4-L5). My physical therapist was Jackie and she is the best physical therapist that I have ever been.

Before going to BreakThrough I had already tried 2 physical therapists and none of them worked for me. When I went there I was out of office for 6 weeks, in a lot of pain and skeptical about any treatment. On my first visit Jackie did a thorough exam and pointed out deficiencies in my back and surrounding muscles. We immediately started working on a rehabilitation program and in about 3 weeks I was able to resume work. In about 8-10 weeks, I was able to do more stressful activities like snow tubing and snorkeling.

During my recovery, Jackie paid full attention to how my body was responding. She patiently listened to what I was experiencing, gauging recovery on every visit, and accordingly modifying the exercises. In the first few weeks, she did some manual treatment (massage, spine decompression etc), which helped me recover faster. She answered all my questions. And most importantly she showed confidence on me and told me that her aim is to get me back at sports. As I recovered, she gave me tougher exercises.  She also worked with me with a tennis racquet to improve my movements and technique, so as to prevent future injuries.

BreakThrough is also the best physical therapy center that I have been (I have been to at least 3 more centers before). Their staff is very friendly and helpful, and they care for their patients. The aids, who help patients with the exercises, are immensely useful. In my opinion, physical therapy cannot get better than this. Thanks to Jackie and everyone at breakthrough for helping me recover.”
Mountain View

Testimonials from our Referring Physicians

“I am not sure what you are doing that is so different from the other clinics in the area, but my patients sure have a lot of great things to say about their experience with you and your entire staff.  Some have had physical therapy with different physical therapists at your facility and report the same, passionate level of service on every level.  Thank you for taking such good care of my patients.”
Mountain View

“Your physical therapy reports are always so timely and accurate yet concise with the information I need to effectively direct patient care.  Thank you.”

“My patients always seem to rave about how you have helped them through their pregnancies in physical therapy.  Even the dads are so appreciative!  I don’t know what you are doing over there, but keep it up.”
Los Gatos

Testimonials from our Team Members

“It would be hard to find an organization that is more passionate about truly providing the greatest level of service and results in every aspect.  I had a few good offers, but the intangibles helped to tip the scales for me and I feel rewarded and appreciative every day for what I do and who I get to do it with.”

“I was sure I wanted to go into physical therapy before I applied for a physical therapy aide position with BreakThrough Physical Therapy, but now I know this is the career for me.  I have just been accepted to physical therapy school and although it will be sad to leave, I will always remember the experiences and relationships I developed while employed by BreakThrough Physical Therapy.”
Santa Clara

“I worked as a physical therapist in San Francisco for a few years before joining the BreakThrough Physical Therapy Team.  We grew a lot during my time there and it was incomparable to any other facility I have ever worked.  BreakThrough Physical Therapy strives to maintain a family feel despite the growth and it seemed like the career opportunities were endless.  I was able to play an instrumental role in helping our philanthropic and community involvement take flight and although my family had an amazing opportunity on the east coast, I know that BreakThrough Physical Therapy will continually grow to become one of the best places for outpatient orthopedic physical therapy in the San Francisco Bay Area in the years to come. I will miss you all.”
San Jose

“Coming to the United States from Turkey to pursue an advanced career in physical therapy was one of the most difficult yet rewarding things I could have imagined.  It was not an easy road any step of the way, but Lee gave me a chance even though my English still needed some work.  I think he could sense a passion that was inside of me and am so thankful that he did.  Thank you to everyone at BreakThrough for your support in helping me to this point.  I am excited to now be in physical therapy school and truly taking the last major step on my ambitious career path.  I hope to return as one of your physical therapists someday.”

“Although I was only involved as a contractor for about one year, I was made to feel as much a part of the entire team as possible.  Everyone from the physical therapists to the front desk to the entire billing and administration office has such a desire to improve in all areas and a passion for helping others.  The vibe is difficult to describe as I think you just have to be there to feel it.

Testimonials from Non-Profit Organizations we have Supported, Business Partners, Vendors and other Clients

“Working with Lee and the BreakThrough Team over the past six (6) years has been a true pleasure.  As a vendor, I have found the communication to be superb and I know I can always expect to see mostly smiling faces when I drop off your supplies.”
Palo Alto

“Seeing you grow over the past six years has been a true joy.  Of course it helps my business, but it is great to see you succeeding by applying sound principles and good basic corporate culture and values.  Keep up the good work.  Hopefully I will not need your services too soon!”
San Jose

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