BreakThrough Physical Therapy’s mission is to create an environment that is rich in opportunity.  We intend to facilitate personal and professional growth for our team.  We strive to provide the highest level of outpatient orthopedic physical therapy care, which includes but is not limited to quality communication, information sharing and documentation that accurately represent our findings, treatment, prognosis and goals.  We intend to uphold the highest standards in terms ethics and morals and for individual privacy while maintaining an open atmosphere that facilitates safe and positive interaction.


The first three years of your physical therapy career are critical for you to establish yourself. This means finding a physical therapy job that will support you as a clinician, allow you some freedoms and autonomy in your practice, and yet provide you with guidance and support to help you develop your skills. Your name will be on many physical therapy progress reports to physicians. As such, it will be hard for physicians to consider you an “expert” in their minds if you are working for a physical therapy practice or organization that is not toward the top of their referral list. Physicians and the public have clear ideas of how each clinic/organization in their area is perceived based on results, communication and patient feedback regarding their overall experience. Beginning your physical therapy career with a clinic or organization that is not reaching for the stars will limit you until you are able to break free of that image, which will take a lot of effort, patience, and time.

I became involved in physical therapy to help people live healthier happier lives in 1990. Since 2004, when I opened BreakThrough Physical Therapy in Sunnyvale, California, I learned about the effect I could truly have on people through the hiring, training, and promotion of an exceptional staff. I implore you to find a physical therapy organization that shares your values and can provide you the best overall environment and long-term opportunities.


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