Why Googling Solutions for Low Back Pain is Futile

Why Googling Solutions for Low Back Pain is Futile

by Lee H. Kole, PT

  • You wouldn’t take your car into the shop and just tell them to “fix it” without letting them know what the issues or sounds were.
  • You wouldn’t walk into a barber shop or hair salon and just say “cut it”.

Why would you google random exercises for how to solve one of the most debilitating conditions that is limiting your enjoyment and ability to engage in life’s activities?

While there is limitless information available online for low back pain (or any other pains for that matter), there is no substitute for one on one evaluation and care.  There are many reasons for low back pain, so just doing some exercises online without being properly evaluated could help, but could also just waste more of your time and increase your frustration.  Not only that, it could increase your costs in the end because if you end up doing the wrong exercises and make it worse, you could put yourself in an emergency situation!

Who needs multiple MD visits, a potential ER visit, expensive oral medications, xray, MRI, injections or even surgery?  Save yourself the headache. Save yourself the backache and save yourself from the uncertainty and costs associated with low back pain issues that have gone unaddressed.

BreakThrough’s Telehealth Experience is the perfect, low cost, high value way to obtain one on one evaluation with an expert in the field.  Our experts will ask you questions regarding your symptoms, activities and goals.  They will then getzonedup.com/phenibut-high have your perform a few tests which they will observe and then make recommendations for exercises specific to you to get you started on your recovery and also provide options for additional support no matter if you are local or remote. Don’t wait, schedule your Telehealth evaluation today!

Lee H. Kole, PT is President and CEO of BreakThrough Physical Therapy, Inc. in Sunnyvale, California.  His mission is to help save as many people from extensive medical expenses and treatment as possible.  He and his team take a proactive and comprehensive approach to all lumbar and sciatic cases.

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