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Learn how to reduce pain and resume an active life.

At BreakThrough, we do full body physical therapy. We treat all orthopedic conditions to any body part. We work not only to improve the pain complaints of our patients but more importantly, to treat each patient as a person rather than as a diagnosis. Taking this comprehensive approach to orthopedic conditions provides our patients with the best results for their goals. That being said, we know that our patient population is now more educated and involved in their health than ever.

As such, we have created a few targeted pages (by body part) to help share various diagnoses that are commonly treated at BreakThrough. We hope you will find this information useful, but keep in mind that in order to truly help you return to the lifestyle you desire, your therapist will educate you and integrate a comprehensive treatment approach.  For physical treatment including Body Parts Portal, common conditions, men’s pelvic floor,  sports injury etc. just call BreakThrough at 408-736-7600 and get proper treatment!

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