Dyspareunia Physical Therapy

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Learn how to reduce pain and resume an active life.

Dyspareunia means painful sexual intercourse. Dyspareunia can be caused by or lead to dysfunctions of the pelvic floor muscles and connective tissue of the pelvis, abdomen and thighs. We will assess your pelvic floor muscles and supporting structures and treat them accordingly with a comprehensive treatment plan.

We understand how Dyspareunia can impact your quality of life which is why we take the time to understand what you are going through and assess the specific muscles that need treatment. To ensure your comfort and privacy, all Pelvic Floor treatments are held in our Private Treatment Rooms. Please call (408) 736-7600 to schedule an appointment with one of our pelvic floor specialists. We look forward to helping you find the relief you deserve from Dyspareunia and/or other related pelvic floor dysfunction.

If you are not sure what you can do to for your dyspareunia and related pelvic floor symptoms, check out our easy, cost and time effective way to help ensure you take the right steps towards your future, guided by an expert. To get started via a safe, confidential conversation in the comfort of your own home, be sure to check out our Telehealth and Virtual Health Consultation (VHC) Services.

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