Telemedicine for Men’s Health and Male Pelvic Floor Issues

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What is Men’s Health?
What are men’s health physical therapy & wellness services? Pelvic Health Physical Therapists are a specially trained part of the men’s healthcare team who diagnose and treat abdominopelvic and men’s health specific neuromusculoskeletal impairments such as:

Why Telemedicine?
Getting in to see someone about pelvic health issues may take a back seat due to seeming embarrassing or not worth your time. This format allows you to be treated in a comfortable environment while improving access to care. This experience is virtual from start to finish through an easy to use system. BreakThrough’s VHC Program for Male Pelvic Floor issues enables you to access experts in the comfort of your home and see if your practitioner will be someone you feel you can count on and communicate with for assistance or consideration of in person, hands on care.

Telemedicine is a perfect solution for new or returning patients if you:

  • Have questions about exercises or stretches to make sure you are doing them correctly or want to advance your program.
  • You are at a sticking point on your own and feel it would be helpful to ask questions.
  • You are concerned about what you can do at home to manage your pelvic pain symptoms and are looking for solid advice and a plan.
  • Want to connect about finding resources or how to best coordinate care with other healthcare providers in the near future.
  • Feel that you have increased leaking or prolapse symptoms and want full and complete guidance on how to improve this.
There are so many strategies to implement at home with. We can help with all of this and much more!

How to schedule a Telemedicine visit: 

  • Request a visit here.
  • Our Care Team will reach out via email within 24 business hours to schedule your appointment.
  • Once your appointment is confirmed, a link to the video session will be sent directly to your email.
  • Simply click on the link to enter your virtual session, allowing one on one interaction with your PT.

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