Cheerleading Physical Therapy

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Learn how to reduce pain and resume an active life.

Physical Therapy for Cheerleaders
Cheerleaders have a vast array of activities and maneuvers that they perform in relatively short periods of time.  This requires strength, flexibility, agility and endurance through their entire body.  At BreakThrough, we have successfully helped local cheerleaders with shoulder and wrist injuries, back pain, knee pain and ankle sprains.  We work not only to help you through the pain and subacute phase, but also to prepare you for a truly successful return to your desired level of function.

If you are not sure what you can do to obtain improved mechanics, strength and flexibility over and above your cheer/dance specific training, check out our easy, cost and time effective way to help ensure you take the right steps towards your future, guided by an expert.


“I suffered a severe ankle sprain that kept me out of cheer for about 3 months.  It was awful to miss the season, but I am stronger and smarter about my body now.”

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