Healthy Pregnancy Program

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Learn how to reduce pain and resume an active life.

This is our pioneer BreakThrough Community Education Series (CES) onsite program.  It is designed to be a fun evening with other expecting parents that will help you and your partner learn how to protect your body for a healthy and pain-free pregnancy and prepare you for parenthood in general. You will leave with practical information about proper handling of your baby, an extensive list of resources and informative pictures for quick reference. Healthy Pregnancy is taught by a licensed physical therapist and consists of an interactive PowerPoint presentation and open discussion. For more information, please view our course brochure – Healthy Pregnancy. For the upcoming schedule, contact BreakThrough Physical Therapy at (408) 736-7600.  In addition to our FREE Healthy Pregnancy Seminar, we offer multiple options for you to meet one on one with our women’s health specialists.

Physical Therapy Treatment for Pain during pregnancy

We have seen many patients in the post-partum phase due to continued low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain and/or wrist and hand pains.  What people don’t realize is how difficult it is physically to find the right time to come to physical therapy in the post-partum phase.  The stresses and challenges are great enough with the best babies and supportive spouses, partners or friends and family.  At BreakThrough Physical Therapy we prefer to take a preventive approach to our expecting mothers to help provide them with the tools required to enjoy a healthier and relatively pain free pregnancy as well as to learn the tools and understand the changes that will occur in the post-partum period.  The moms who have joined us for the Healthy Pregnancy program and/or individualized care have benefitted in ways we could not put to words and mitigated the need for post-partum physical therapy and enabled them to enjoy that time with their baby.  Even if you are doing well in your pregnancy, we can help give you the tools to continue that trend throughout the remainder of your pregnancy and after childbirth.

Physical Therapy Treatment for post-partum pains

New moms are under a great deal of physical and emotional stress.  The newness of becoming a mother and having full responsibility for your precious baby is not something that anyone can completely prepare for.  You read books, browse websites and listen to your elders, but not until that precious bundle of joy arrives and you begin settling into your new life do you fully understand the physical demands that are now required of you while under emotional and hormonal changes that you have also never experienced, not to mention sleep deprivation.  Our team of physical therapists understands this and is ready to listen to you and learn about your specific situation.  Once we are able to fully evaluate you, we can help with any of the orthopedic pains you may have, develop a home program that is reasonable and fun for you to perform and teach you better ways of lifting, carrying, bathing and changing your baby.

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