Lee has been in outpatient orthopedic practice since 1998. After completing the bachelor’s program at the University of Oregon with a degree in exercise and movement science and a minor in biology, Lee obtained his physical therapy degree from Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Lee is passionate about helping patients achieve their goals and uses a comprehensive approach consisting of patient education, manual therapy, and functional training. He enjoys working with patients with a wide variety of orthopedic needs. From sports-specific injuries to chronic-pain issues, Lee takes the lessons from each encounter and applies them to the next. He also makes it a priority to schedule surgical observation days with local surgeons to stay current with the advances in technology, techniques, and protocols that are necessary for optimum postsurgical recovery.

In 2007, Lee was selected to present at the national American Physical Therapy Association Conference in Denver, Colorado. He was honored to work with a local physician to train other therapists on improved concepts and methods for posture and body mechanics during keyboarding and computer work with the goal of injury prevention. Additionally, as President and CEO, Lee is responsible for program and career development at BreakThrough. He enjoys bringing an educational and proactive approach to the BreakThrough team in order to improve each patient’s experience in all aspects of the organization and to set new standards by which physical therapy is practiced in the future. When Lee is not working, you can find him enjoying time with his family and at the gym, cycling, playing tennis, snow skiing, or on the golf course.

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