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Virtual Health Consultation



Virtual Health Consultation, or VHC, is a remote tool to receive expert guidance that is guaranteed to help you overcome challenges you face in your daily activities, exercise routines, or sport performance goals. Those who want to receive trusted and expert help from the comfort of their own home, hotel, office or any other convenient location, will find it with VHC. Sessions are conducted through our secure, virtual platform and help you:

  • feel heard and understood
  • save time
  • reduce frustration
  • save money
  • answer key questions about your situation
  • get on the right path to improved health and wellness
  • navigate the medical system by finding the right providers for your goals
  • and more…

Patient Testimonials

“BreakThrough helped me overcome acute back spasms at the beginning of my vacation. I couldn’t get to breakfast or shower without excruciating pain, but with my WiFi connection, they guided me through some exercises and strategies that got me up and moving, enjoying my vacation with family the next day!” – L.B.

“My MD charged me $400 for four and a half minutes of her time and she didn’t even touch me. On top of that, I had to wait 3 weeks for the visit, rearrange my schedule, child care, etc. Now, I just schedule a session with BreakThrough and they get me going in the right direction immediately.” – R.S.

“BreakThrough helped us figure out the things we needed to set up for my dad’s safety in the home. The thought of him being injured due to another fall was horrifying and kept me up many nights. Now, I have much more confidence in his ability to maintain independence; at least for now.” – T.L.

“Finally, I have a trusted partner for my family’s health! Sometimes they just help me figure out some key exercises to do or postural awareness, sometimes I engage with a regular program and sometimes they are just helping me find the right medical professionals in my area for more detailed evaluation and treatment. This program is genius and everyone at BreakThrough is so caring!” – A.R.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Virtual Health Consultation different from Telehealth?

Telehealth is appropriate for those who have visited a doctor’s office, received a referral, and need Physical Therapy or other medically necessary services. VHC provides you with guidance that is not “medically necessary”.

Who can utilize VHC?

Individuals who have recurring or worsening issues with their mobility, exercise routines, or sports performance goals. VHC also benefits individuals who are seeking to develop healthy ergonomic practices for work-from-home spaces, and more. VHC enables you to navigate the medical system more efficiently. For example, your back may be hurting and you are unsure if you should see your general practitioner, an orthopedist, a physiatrist, a neurologist, chiropractor, PT or acupuncturist. BreakThrough will listen, ask key questions and then help you get to the right place quickly to save you time and money.

What does VHC cost and who pays?

One of our Care Coordinators can help you schedule a free consultation, at which point we can discuss cost per session as well as packages. Since VHC is appropriate for individuals without a referral, insurance will not be billed.

Do I need to live in the Bay Area to take advantage of VHC?

No, VHC is a service which can be used remotely anywhere in the world. You do not need to reside or be present in the Bay Area or the state of California at the time of service.

How can VHC possibly be similar to or better than an in-person session?

Similar to an in-person session, therapists can take accurate measurements remotely, as well as assess range of motion and movement. By seeing your home, business, or personal surroundings, our therapists can objectively see your motion and movements and made adjustments and recommendations to improve your performance of daily routines, home exercise regimens, and home office ergonomics. For example, we can assess your workspace posture and help you avoid or remedy improper ergonomics and avoid future complications.

What device or technology do I need to participate in VHC?

All you need to participate in VHC is a Wi-Fi connection and either a mobile device or a laptop or computer. If you do not have a Google/Gmail account, you may only connect using a laptop or desktop; otherwise, you may use a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Here you can find instructions for preparing for your VHC

Our VHC experience is specifically designed for people of all ages and abilities. Training for an event? Stuck on a business trip or in pain while on vacation? BreakThrough is always available for you!
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