>80% of New Year’s Resolutions FAIL

BreakThrough is committed to ensure you achieve your goals this year!

5 Reasons why most Resolutions FAIL

1) Failure to commit to them by making them half-heartedly
2) Failure to make a plan
3) Failure to seek the help of others who are skilled at guiding you to achieve your goals
4) Seeking help from others, but mistakenly choosing the wrong helpers
5) Too much too soon:

a) Going from mostly sedentary to a program that ramps up too quickly often leads to injuries and setbacks
b) Thinking we have more time available and then not being able to commit

BreakThrough has helped thousands of clients since 2004 to be different and beat those nasty statistics.

Achieve your goals this year

BreakThrough’s Wellness and Sports Performance Programs help you achieve your goals you are truly passionate about and committed to.  It’s as easy as…

  1. Schedule a convenient time for your evaluation
  2. During your initial session:
    1. we learn about you, your goals, your time availability, past successes and failures, concerns, basic medical history, etc
    2. we create a mutually agreeable, custom program for you
  3. We guide you to your goals and provide manual care as needed in one on one sessions, consistently modifying as needed





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