Victoria E. Robben
Early in the New Year as we work to put our resolutions into action, we are faced with the constant challenges of starting new habits and breaking old ones.  As a follow-up to our December article offering, TenTips for Setting New Year’s Resolutions, we are pleased to share a few things to help keep you motivated and happy throughout the year:

Desire – Remember how much your resolution meant to you, when you decided to set it?  Don’t forget how badly you want it!

Baby Steps – Keep setting yourself up for success with small attainable goals and positive reinforcement.

Pride – Take credit and feel good about any ground you’ve covered.  Celebrate the accomplishments and positive choices you’ve made so far, big or small.

Momentum – Be encouraged by the planning you’ve done and any progress you’ve made.  Keep moving forward and having fun!

Friends & Family – Share what you’re working on, with those around you.  Maybe someone will even “buddy” up with you, so you can help each other stick to your resolutions and enjoy your success together!

BreakThrough Physical Therapy wishes you all the best as you continue to work hard to reach your goals.  For more information, please visit BreakThrough Physical Therapy online and feel free to “like” us on Facebook. We hope that our website and Facebook pages will become trusted sources of helpful information for your health and wellness now and in the years to come.

Victoria E. Robben is a freelance writer and marketing consultant for BreakThrough Physical Therapy.

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