Common Conditions

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At BreakThrough Common Conditions Physical Therapy, we treat all orthopedic conditions. We work not only to improve your pain complaints but more importantly, to treat you as a person rather than as a diagnosis. Taking this comprehensive approach to orthopedic conditions provides ensures that you obtain the best results. We know that our patient population is now more educated, inquisitive and involved in their health than ever. As such, we have created a few targeted pages (by common conditions) to help you obtain a glimpse into how we approach the condition(s) that you are most concerned about. We hope you will find this information useful, but keep in mind that in order to truly help you return to the lifestyle you desire, your therapist will first conduct a thorough evaluation then develop an individualized comprehensive treatment plan for you. If you do not see your condition here, please contact us and one of our Care Coordinators will be happy to learn about what you or a family member/friend is suffering from.  They will then provide you the options available and ensure you obtain the level of care and results you desire.

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