Is physical therapy helpful for sciatica?

Is physical therapy helpful for sciatica?

Sciatica Physical Therapy

‘Sciatica’ is often a common term used for any kind of radiating pain into the leg and or the buttock region. When you get assessed by a Physical Therapist who is primarily a movement specialist, they can firstly help you determine if it is actually sciatica or if the source of your pain is something else. Either way, yes, Physical Therapy has worked for millions of people worldwide. In fact, there are many published studies showing results where candidates who undergo conservative treatment with Physical Therapy and medications, if appropriate, do a lot better and have a great quality of life after. You can contact your trusted Health network for further assessment. BreakThrough offers Telehealth sessions that can be used from any part of the world and we’d be glad to help you if you’d like. Good Luck with managing your pain!


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