Golf Screen

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Golfers spend thousands of dollars on equipment, training tools and one on one swing lessons with PGA professionals.  While PGA pros are the best suited to help you work on your swing mechanics and fix various faults and inefficiencies, the problem is that most golfers simply do not have the foundation to make the proper changes stick.  At BreakThrough, our golf screen oriented physical therapists have the proper tools and experience to evaluate and improve your flexibility, power, strength and neuromuscular patterning.  We ensure you are ready to work on your game!

Call or Contact Us for more information about how our Golf Screen can help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, prevent injury and improve performance no matter what level of golfer you are.  We work with scratch golfers as well as high handicappers and even those just starting out who barely even know what a handicap is.

Our Sports Performance Programs:

  • Reduce Risk from Injury
  • Improve Driving Distance
  • Improve Driving Accuracy
  • Increase your enjoyment for the game

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