10 Week Bharatanatyam Dance Conditioning Program

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Too many Bharatanatyam dancers fail to prepare their bodies while practicing this arduous Indian Classical dance form. We end up seeing many dancers in our clinic complaining of knee pain, foot pain, shoulder pain and low back pain to name a few. Most times this is a cumulative effect of continuing to dance/train without resolving underlying strength/flexibility deficits and continuing to perform repetitive movements using faulty biomechanics. In our experience, we have seen that dancers who focus on improving their strength, flexibility and movement mechanics are better prepared at minimizing injuries, have better understanding of their bodies and continue dancing pain-free long term.

BreakThrough’s 10-week Dance Prep Program ensures that you have a solid understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Training is 100% through secure virtual one on one sessions. Upon completion, we guarantee you will have significantly improved your movement patterns, strength, power, flexibility and agility.

This program is suitable for all levels of training (ages 14 and above)

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Introduction to Our Comprehensive, One on One 10 Week Bharatanatyam Dance Program

Week 1 – Total Body Screen

  1. Flexibility, strength, balance and mechanics of certain key movements will be assessed.
  2. You will be instructed few key exercises to begin prior to your next session.

Week 2 – Thorough Sports Performance Evaluation and initiation of one on one treatment

  1. Thorough dance performance evaluation and initiation of one-on-one treatment. This helps us dig deeper into areas needing improvement.
  2. Potential video analysis

Weeks 3-8 – Progression of global and dance specific mobility, strength, power and agility included in the one-on-one instruction.

Week 9 – Follow up re-evaluation and total body screen.

Week 10 –Discussion of results, video analysis review and plan for future success.

  1. Exercises reviewed to ensure you know what to do and how to do it.
  2. Discussion of progress, keys to the future, final review of independent program for progression
Call today or complete our Contact Us form below and let our dance specialists help you achieve your dance goals before injury or over-training occurs costing you extensive time, monies and frustration and potentially jeopardizing your longer term goals. Prior to committing to our 10 week program, please sign up here for a complimentary series to prepare you for success in Bharatanatyam Dance and Much More! In addition to critical “on demand” content, you will be provided a complimentary 25 minute virtual session to discuss your situation with one of our physical therapists.
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