VHC Experience for Athletes

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Learn how to avoid injury and improve sports performance.

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Athletes of all levels continually ask us how they can improve their training and perform at higher levels.  Others find us after an injury for physical therapy services.  Our VHC Experience specifically designed for athletes of all ages and abilities enables us to:

  • Reduce your risk for injury
  • Ensure you are maximizing your time, monetary commitment and efforts for optimal results
  • Provide expert assessment and advice on body mechanics and exercise instruction to help you function with less pain
  • Provide guidance with your flexibility, strength and agility program to ensure you perform at your best and make the most of your time and efforts
  • Offer early detection of causes which often lead to bigger problems later and immediate “course correction”
  • Assess and advise for where to obtain one on one, more comprehensive local evaluation and assistance as appropriate

Call (408-736-7600) or Contact Us for more information about how our unique and world renowned VHC Experience will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, prevent injury and improve performance. We rely on open and honest communication through compliant synchronous video.  While nothing replaces an in-person session, we have been able to help many people take their first step to success at a low cost, low time commitment and maximal value!

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