Video Analysis (Sports Performance)

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Learn how to avoid injury and improve sports performance.

Video Analysis Sports Performance ProgramVideo analysis using state of the art video technology helps us better understand and educate you in how you are moving.  Going through this process benefits you in many ways.  Most importantly, it allows us to save you time and money, keeping you on your “A” game in all sports and activities, reducing your risk of injury and ongoing rehabilitation needs. Combining our expertise and this technology, our athletes find that they perform better and experience greater enjoyment for what they do and how they do it.

Injury Prevention and Optimal Performance Lead to Greater Enjoyment

When you have fewer injuries and pain and are performing at a high level, you develop greater enjoyment for what you do.  Our clients have expressed how this affects them in positive ways in every aspect of their lives.  Although BreakThrough is primarily a physical therapy organization, our main goal is to help you, your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances live healthier, happier lives.  That’s why we take such a comprehensive approach with everything we do.

History and Goals

At your first appointment, your therapist will ask you the necessary questions to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your past, present and future goals.  They will also perform additional testing as needed to asses strength, flexibility, power and endurance.  Establishing this functional baseline, mutual understanding and agreement aids us in helping you with your goals.

Discover Strengths and Weaknesses

Discovering your strengths and weaknesses as quickly as possible enables us to target a program to your situation.  Nothing replaces one on one care and regular feedback from an expert.

Correct Form

Everyone is built differently, but there are many commonalities which provide us a foundation or “normal range” from which to base our evaluation. We combine these key principles with our video analysis and individualized evaluation to develop the most successful program for you.

Learn More and Sign Up

We are continually developing and improving our video analysis programs to better serve you. If interested, you are welcome to inquire through our contact us form at this time or simply call (408) 736-7600 and one of our Care Coordinators will be happy to assist you.

Sport Specific Video Analysis

Below are specific programs that have been developed and implemented.  We are continually improving established programs and expanding the sports for which we can perform video analysis, including portions of sports, like jumping or landing in basketball or volleyball.  Please feel free to view specific information via the links below or contact us as suggested above.

Running Video Analysis

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