Top 5 Reasons why A Back Brace will Ruin Your Back

Top 5 Reasons why A Back Brace will Ruin Your Back

You’ve googled exercises. You’ve searched late at night for the best back brace. You even bought one or two that helped for a bit, but then your back actually became more problematic. We get it. Unfortunately the quick fix often leads you down a much longer, frustrating, costly and painful path.


Here are the TOP 5 Reasons that Back Braces will Ruin Your Back:

1. False Sense of Security.

Using a brace gives you a false sense of security that your spine is protected. If it does help support you, it is NOT addressing the underlying cause for your back pain. As soon as you are out of it, you will be unstable and unable to manage daily tasks without it. You DO NOT want to become dependent on your back brace.

2. You have a back brace built in.

We have a back brace built in. We just don’t use it. There is an extensive network of muscles, joints and connective tissues surrounding your spine and we have to learn/relearn how to use it. The multifidus, transversus abdominis and quadratus lumborum are just some key muscle groups that physical therapists train you in how to use. Even if you are a big, muscle bound dude, often these key underlying stabilizing muscle get overlooked and actually can become overpowered.

3. The underlying problems/cause remain.

Use of a back brace is a strategy used by people who just want to reduce pain temporarily. Most often the cause of your low back pain is a combination of factors causing a muscular/systemic imbalance. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Excessive tension (hypertonicity)
  • Excessive flexibility (hyperflexibility)
  • Weakness
  • Some muscles overdeveloped while key stabilizers are underdeveloped and become overpowered
  • Poor postural habits

4. Restricts Normal Motion.

Back Braces restrict natural movement patterns and lead to additional limitations in any or all of the above bullet points from #3

5. Facilitate a Sense of Dependence.

If your spine and the surrounding tissues are in good health then you can do many things. If you develop a dependency on your brace, your spine and the key supporting structures will deteriorate and then the amount of work it takes to build all of that back up is extensive, costly and puts a lot of additional work on your plate that could have been easily prevented.

Feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation or check out our ULHC page for more information on how we can help you and those you care about. We are currently assisting people on every continent with our ULHC Program.

BreakThrough Guarantees that we will help you:

  • Reduce physical fatigue and low back pain with an individualized approach
  • Save thousands of dollars in unneeded medical expenses and devices/gimmicks
  • Learn why your back becomes problematic
  • Save countless hours of unneeded frustration and pain
  • Implement Proven Strategies for the Long Term
  • Obtain Greater Enjoyment and Freedom to do what you want, when you want with those you love the most

“I googled exercises for back pain. I was up until 3am searching for the best back brace online. I bought two different braces and one ‘postural corrector’ for a total of about $275.00 US. After my first session with BreakThrough, I understood what I was doing wrong in my daily life and in my workout routine. I decided to continue for a 10 pack which was 2x/week at first for 2 weeks and then reduced to once a week and then every other week until I really felt confident and had a mastery of my own situation. BreakThrough coaches you step by step based on your situation. They are amazing and worth every penny!”  S.S. 

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