Is this your Future Workstation? If so, is this a “good thing”?

Is this your Future Workstation? If so, is this a “good thing”?

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Do you or your colleagues have aches and pains in your back, neck, hips, shoulder, elbows, wrists and hands?  Are you an HR director trying to figure out how to provide your employees the best possible working environment while being fiscally responsible?

Our work environments are changing, but how does the body keep up? As you can hopefully see in the photo to the left, while this might look cool, this individual is not using any of his proper musculature for support and is excessively loading his spine and hips.  Think about the wasted monies if you were to try to put your team in this “cutting edge” technology.




Today there are various sit-stand workstations which are extremely common and companies are investing billions of dollars into employee workstations.  The issue is that there is minimal education about how to use these expensive tools.  As we meet with companies of all sizes and in all industries, we are seeing a complete lack of engagement, training, education and regular follow up to ensure people are using these tools properly.

BreakThrough’s corporate consulting services help companies and their employees work together for:
1) Maximal ROI via group and one on one evaluation and training services
2) Minimal Time off from work or personal activities due to aches and pains
3) Reduced need for medical visits, medications, imaging, injections and surgical intervention



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