4 Office Ergonomic Fixes To Prevent Fatigue

4 Office Ergonomic Fixes To Prevent Fatigue

Do you struggle with fatigue at work?

Here are some easy fixes to improve your workday fatigue.

1. Posture is essential.

We all have heard this a thousand times, but what does good posture actually entail especially sitting in an office work station every day? If you’re sitting often, sit up straight, pull your shoulders back and relaxed, gaze straight forward (your eyes should meet the top of your browser window), arms angled 90-110 degrees at the elbow, and legs angled 90-110 degrees at the hip and knee with feet comfortably flat on the ground. Don’t slouch!

2. Stand up and walk around for 1 minute every hour.

Grab Abs weight training exercise: the ultimate program to achieve cr sun rise booster prosupps dr jekkyl for bodybuilding and muscle strength. a glass of water. Go use the restroom. Grab a quick snack. Have a quick chat. Standing up and walking around can reduce the stress on your lower back, hips, and glutes by shifting the gravitational pressure from sitting too long. Bonus: taking a brief moment to have a positive conversation can reduce mental stress.

3. Give your eyes a break from the screen.

To prevent eyestrain, dry eyes, and stiff neck, take 20 seconds every 20 minutes to close your eyes or look away from your screen to give a chance for your eyes to refocus and rotate your head to stretch out your neck. This can also help prevent potential migraines and headaches.

4. Adjust your seat.

Adjusting your seat properly for yourself can also help improve your overall posture. Make sure the arms of your chair is properly adjusted to http://www.buyvaliumonline.com support the weight of your arms to keep your arms at a comfortable 90-110 degrees. Make sure your chair is also properly adjusted to your height and length of your legs. Again, you want your legs (hips and knees) resting comfortably at a 90-110 degree angle and feet flat touching the ground for proper support. Lastly, also make sure your back is being properly supported. adjust the backing of your seat to help you sit up straight. Implement lumbar support cushions for optimal support for your back.


Feel free to check out our Corporate Ergonomics Training And Wellness page for more information on how we can help you and/or your company reduce physical fatigue in the office and improve work-life quality today.

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