The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery

Ever had that nagging shoulder pain that won’t let you carry groceries easily? Or that lower pain that won’t allow you to carry your toddler? At BreakThrough, our physical therapy programs help you heal years of discomfort and pain while our sports performance and wellness programs help you achieve your goals and live the lifestyle you desire, pain free.

BreakThrough’s Physical Therapy Process:

When you visit us, we take the time to understand where you have been, where you are and where you would like to go. We then conduct a thorough evaluation highlighting your strengths and deficits and then devising a plan for your success.

BreakThrough’s Specialties:

While we take care of existing injuries, we also rely on injury prevention to minimize the risk of future injuries or repeat injuries.
Given the digital-based lifestyles we lead today, a predominant number of our cases are related to neck and shoulder pain. Constant straining of the neck while looking at mobile or computer screens adds to uncalled for neck and shoulder muscle injuries.
Our neck pain physical therapy and our shoulder pain physical therapy reduces any pain and stiffness. This hands-on treatment stretches, relaxes, loosens and strengthens the muscle and joints. Additionally, cold or heat treatments may be applied during therapy which aids the healing process.

Often body alignment issues caused due to incorrect sitting postures or slouching while standing or walking may stress muscles making them weak. Balance training is key to strengthening muscles which keep your body upright and your core strong. It improves stability and balance, allowing you to walk, run and even sit better! Via consultations, our experts will help determine the best intensity level for your body type.

Professional Analysis

Our professional physical therapists conduct a detailed analysis of your body to indicate risk injury before an occurrence. Two key evaluations are the Functional Movement Screen and our Ergonomics Screen.
The Functional Movement Screen is designed for the more athletic individual or the individual looking to begin a new program, seeking to find out where they are at to begin with and have some help to make a plan for success as quickly as possible, guided by a licensed physical therapist. Through the Functional Movement Screen at BreakThrough, we will detect your risk levels for future injuries which reduce the body’s optimal performance. The test identifies any stability or mobility issues in a patient. Once the issues are known, functional strength training may be recommended. All clients leave this inexpensive, yet comprehensive and valuable screen with knowledge of their strengths, weaknesses and tips for future independent success.
The Ergonomics Screen is important for anybody who works in an office or other setting. Injuries are analyzed and an individualized therapy and fitness program is created for progression. Focus here is often on understanding the body’s natural flow and improving balance, strength, posture and overall body awareness with all daily activities.

Individualized Healing

At BreakThrough, we pride ourselves on improving the lives of each of our patients and clients. Our Care Coordinators ensure your appointments are scheduled as conveniently as possible, convey the importance of a consistent program so that we all know we are doing our best to ensure you leave us feeling better and have a solid plan for future success.

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