Struggling to Figure out Your Home Workstation?

Struggling to Figure out Your Home Workstation?

If you are struggling to figure out the best possible home office setup, you’ve come to the right place!

If you’ve been working from home for awhile and are starting to feel some minor aches and pains come on, even if you believe you have a good ergonomic setup, you’re not alone. Over 80% of America will seek professional help for their low back or neck at some point and that does not account for those who go unreported. In addition to the setup, it is critical that you maintain an active or “dynamic” posture as we call it here at BreakThrough. Dynamic posture involves:

  • keeping your muscles active through the day
  • shifting positions (but not just from one passive position to another)
  • taking stress off of your joints
  • using your legs
  • keeping control of your pelvis in all planes of motion

Since 2004, BreakThrough has worked with people around the world to help them with a wide array of aches and pains.  Most often, we hear that people suffered with low level pain for months prior to consulting their MD or therapist, thinking that things would resolve on their own or that the exercises they “googled” would help. The problem is that in order to make something better, it must be evaluated and the various components identified. If you are unsure of how your workstation is setup or how to implement “Dynamic Posture” through your day, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with one of our Care Coordinators today.

BreakThrough’s physical therapists prove themselves day in and day out as movement, postural and ergonomics experts. Our Telehealth Experience enables you to connect with a skilled physical therapist who is able to ask you the right questions, assess basic strength, flexibility and body mechanics tendencies right through the video on your phone, table or computer.  We then provide tips for setup recommendations, exercises or if it seems you need to seek more in depth evaluation by a local medical professional, we are ready to provide you the tips you need to get on track and back to the lifestyle you deserve.

Feel free to check out our Corporate Ergonomics Training And Wellness page for more information on how we can help you and/or your company reduce physical fatigue in the office and improve work-life quality today or our Telehealth Experience page to obtain immediate one on one guidance.

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