Parkinson’s Disease

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Are you or someone you care about dealing with Parkinson’s Disease? At BreakThrough, our therapists are trained in a wide array of orthopedic and neurological skills to handle the various presentations which limit many who suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. For this, we utilize a unique combination of manual skills, education and exercise instruction to help you return to your desired lifestyle much quicker and specifically designed for you

Additionally, several of our physical therapists are LSVT BIG certified to help Parkinson’s patients through various specific techniques to encourage a return to a more normal life.  We can help you through a wide array of tools. Please note that prior to being accepted into our LSVT Program, the patient must obtain a thorough evaluation by one of our therapists. 

We will do our best to help you use your insurance. However, we need you to be committed to the possibility of a cash based program (some insurance companies and plans do not cover this program) and the following protocol:

  • 4 visits per week for a period of 4 weeks
    • These are one on one sessions with your physical therapist
    • Please allow 1 hour for each session
  • Participation in ALL specific exercises provided to you with the frequency and duration as instructed
    • Failure to comply  will be cause for alteration of your specific plan.
  • To learn more and signup, click here.


What you will accomplish with BreakThrough’s Program:

  1. Stop falling
  2. Stop shuffling
  3. Be able to perform daily tasks easier (fold laundry, make the bed, reach to tall shelves)
  4. Be able to be heard better
  5. Remain independent
  6. Be able to play with grandkids
  7. Be able to get out of bed easier
  8. Be more confident
  9. Improve posture


Our skilled physical therapists have a vested interest in you and your ability to participate in the activities you desire.  We find that taking a comprehensive approach to your care rather than just treating symptomatically enables us to help you enjoy greater independence and functional mobility while you battle the challenges Parkinson’s Disease presents to you.

If you are not sure what to do about your Parkinson’s symptoms, but want an easy, cost and time effective way to help ensure you take the right steps towards your future, guided by an expert; check out our Telehealth or Unlicensed Health Consultant and Coaching Services.

Here is a video about a patient that has undergone the LSVT BIG program and talks about how it changed his life.

Here are other videos on BreakThrough’s approach to Parkinsons:

To learn more about our services for Parkinson’s Disease and ability to help you return to the lifestyle you desire:

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