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Corporate Ergonomics and Wellness

The modern workplace is often a source of stress and strain for employees. Long hours spent sitting at a desk can lead to back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other problems. The goal of corporate virtual ergonomics and health consultation programs is to help employees identify and correct issues that may be causing them discomfort.

Many companies find that investing in these types of programs pays off in terms of reduced absenteeism and increased productivity. By identifying and correcting ergonomic issues early on, companies can help employees stay healthy and productive.

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  • Whether your staff works onsite or remotely, they need your support
  • Regardless of highly physical jobs such as public safety, heavy equipment operation or primarily computer based, we have you covered
  • Provide your team with one on one assessments of their workstations and ensure they are efficiently using the tools you offer each of them
  • Provide tips for how to move throughout the day
  • Develop healthy ergonomic practices for onsite and work-from-home spaces
  • Provide early detection to reduce time off due to illness or pain or even costly worker’s compensation claims
  • Optimize productivity and efficiency
  • Health Consultations provide no nonsense tips to help your employees navigate and obtain the most cost effective care quickly, saving all of you time, aggravation and money
  • Improve onboarding and recruiting through a true commitment to employee wellbeing
Reduce Your Risk for Injury

Obtain early intervention to guide you to your goals

Monetary Commitment

Ensure you are maximizing your time, monetary commitment and efforts for optimal results

Expert Assessment

Receive expert assessment and advice on body mechanics, exercises, emergency questions, ergonomics and much more!

Training for an event? Stuck on a business trip or in pain while on vacation? BreakThrough is always available for you!
Our Ergonomics and Wellness Experience is specifically designed for people of all ages and abilities.
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HR Director?

Global ergonomics and wellness support for your team

General Support

Expert evaluation and guidance

Maximize your efforts


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