Spinal Stenosis

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Spinal Stenosis

Although our Physical Therapy Team has extensive experience with all disorders of the spine, spinal stenosis can be extremely limiting as the margin for error of your mobility can be extremely limiting due to reduced space available in the spinal canal or lateral recess.  Often times when you are dealing with stenosis you’re dealing with pain as well as neurological changes such as numbness, tingling and/or weakness.  If this is the case, do not wait any longer

If you have suffered from chronic low back pain for years, have tried therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, injections or even had surgery, we are here and confident in our ability to help you.


If you are not sure what to do about your back, but want an easy, cost and time effective way to help ensure you take the right steps towards your future, guided by an expert; check out our Telehealth or Unlicensed Health Consultant and Coaching Services.

Our physical therapists have extensive experience in evaluation and treatment of all low back conditions including spinal stenosis.  We take a comprehensive approach by obtaining a thorough history so that we learn about you, your current situation, past experiences and of course your short/long term goals.  We then conduct a thorough evaluation and educate you along the way as a partner in your rehabilitation through our physical therapy, wellness and sports performance programs.


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