Skiing Sports Performance

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Learn how to avoid injury and improve sports performance.

Instead of waiting to see how your ski season goes, why not prepare your body for success? Over the past several years we have been able to increase the number of skiers that enter our practice for preventive sports performance programs and although no matter how hard you prepare accidents can happen, thankfully none of them have come back as a result of an injury. The most common injuries are a ruptured Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or boot top fracture. At BreakThrough our physical therapists are prepared to work with you for helping develop a pre-ski training program to help with injury prevention as well as post-injury and post-surgical physical therapy care. Successful programs have been developed and target all key muscle groups to improve strength, stability, agility and conditioning program, specifically targeted to the demands their body will require in the snow. We have a large open gym area that is setup specifically to allow us to run various circuit training and plyometric activities as well as all the tools to help the acute or post-operative physical therapy patient.


With our Skiing Sports Performance program it’s as easy as 1-2-3:
1) We will first learn about you, your current status and goals for the future.
2) We will then perform a thorough evaluation to assess movement patterns, strength, flexibility and agility.
3) We will explain our findings and design a mutually agreeable program which enables you to achieve your goals.

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