Comparing Ergonomic Solutions for Your Company

Comparing Ergonomic Solutions for Your Company

As an HR Expert, your company relies on you to protect, care for and nurture its people. You must have a plan to assist recruiting, onboarding and ongoing training. You probably have some people working from home, some in the office, some who travel and some who do it all.

How is your company caring for all these employees? Does your onboarding process include individual assessment and guidance? There are many options available for how you invest your money and time. The key is that every minute and every dollar must be an “investment” and not an “expense”.

What is your company doing about ergonomics in the workplace?

Our people are our greatest asset.
As such, it’s critical that we implement programs which engage each employee individually. We know that everyone works and functions in all different situations so the only way to properly address this in your onboarding and ongoing employee engagement program is to have a partner who’s able to fully support and guide each employee in their situation. Many of our clients previously used app based programs and had individual ergonomists come out and perform evaluations. Here are the complications and complaints we’ve heard regarding each of these approaches and the main reasons they have sought BreakThrough’s expertise for the future of their company:

Complications of App Based Ergonomic Solutions:

  • Very standardized, limited and Impersonal
  • They can’t take in the human factors and variability
  • If the original changes did not have a favorable impact on the individual, there is no way for the individual to obtain corrective advice
  • Report/Data goes to HR so there is a trust/judgment factor that actually impedes the employee-employer relationship
  • Employees can get tips for free online. Spending money and time implementing an impersonal program that will not handle everyone’s needs becomes an “expense” and not an “investment”.
  • Users input their data instead of the expert asking the questions and assessing the situation
  • The user is not able to truly know if they have implemented the tips properly or if they are in the right position
  • Apps focus on positions and not feelings. The employee needs to understand how to use their body and this cannot happen with an app based approach
  • The app cannot properly factor for sit-stand stations, multiple screens, vision and other personal history factors. These variable factors are absolutely critical in order to ensure the best possible setup
  • If they are still not comfortable, then how will you handle it? Who will you turn to?

Complications of Hiring an Ergonomist:

  • Typically “one and done”
  • They’ll tell your employee about all the devices and new chairs, etc they need, focusing on the external factors and not the person
  • Once their recommendations are made, you are obligated to obtain every single one, no matter the cost, but your employee will most likely not know how to implement them properly. There is typically no reassessment so you’ve now had all this expense, but will not close the loop on proper implementation. If you do have them come back, they are going to be focused on measurements and gold standard tips you can find online anyways and they are not experts in how the human body moves.
  • Ergonomists are unable to assess an individual’s strength, flexibility, reasons for certain postural habits or limitations. They focus on positioning based on outdated research
  • The workstations are changing faster than OSHA or any research can keep up with so your employee will simply be getting (and you will be paying for) outdated recommendations
  • Will your employee just deal with it if they don’t feel better because they feel guilty?
  • When their colleagues see the ergonomist come in, new chair arrive, monitor arms getting setup, etc, will it start the domino effect?
  • If you have multiple offices then you have to find and hire an ergonomist for each location.
  • Do they perform virtual evaluations? Will they travel to individual homes if your employee is in a WFH situation? Is that safe for you and the company? What additional insurance do you need to send a vendor to your employee’s home?
  • If it does not lead to others requesting these items, will it be in the back of their minds and just another little chip in your armor?
  • Who will you turn to when the “stuff” you bought for your employee based on the ergonomist’s recommendations do not solve the problem?

As you can see, no matter which of these options you choose, when it does not work out, hopefully you realize you and your employees will need an expert who is versed in fully integrating the human factors with the most current research. Why wait? Why waste time and money on a solution that won’t fully have you and your team covered no matter the situation? Isn’t it time to get serious about caring for your people through a comprehensive, customized program for your team. At BreakThrough, we know that you have a wide variety of challenges and we take the time to listen, understand and openly discuss options for each group so that we can help you implement the most cost effective solution such that you are truly investing in your employees.

BreakThrough’s Corporate Ergonomics and Wellness programs are guaranteed to:

  • Ensure you achieve the RESULTS your team needs every day
  • Reduce your stress since your employees will have 24×7 access to us
  • Improve recruiting as you can highlight this benefit in your recruiting process
  • Improve your onboarding process and employee assimilation onto your team as “valued”
  • Provide easy access for your team and their immediate family members to obtain cost effective, convenient assistance for:
    • Personal issues and aches/pains outside of ergonomics
    • Assistance in finding the best local practitioners for their needs if we are unable to address them virtually
    • Advice as to the proper specialists for their problem to save them multiple doctor visits, imaging and other testing
    • Advice as to how to best support their aging parents, spouse, domestic partner or significant others
    • Advice to support their children’s needs for sports and personal physical development, postural awareness, sports performance, injury prevention, etc
  • Educate on a wide array of tips and tricks on a regular basis with monthly reminders about this service which will protect you in case of a WC or other claim because you can show that they may not have taken proper advantage of the professional help you provided for them or failed to implement the recommendations
  • Much More…


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